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At Wolf Retirement Navigation,

we concentrate on retirement planning, a field that encompasses many focus areas in which we are current and well versed. We are results-driven, and we have the knowledge to advise, solutions to help, and answers you need.

We believe that you are successful in retirement when you enjoy your life without worrying about money. That means you are well prepared and have a winning game plan and strategies in place to help maximize your nest egg.

Retirement Professionals Working For You

Helping to protect your money against market corrections, choosing wise investments that will provide the potential for solid returns, incorporating multiple guaranteed income streams so that you never run out of money (when structured properly), and, most importantly, implementing tax strategies that will keep more of your money in your pocket and less money in Uncle Sam’s pocket: that is the essence of what we at Wolf Retirement Navigation will do for you.

If you currently have a portfolio manager or advisor, do you know the amount, percentage-wise, of fees you are being charged? If not, please allow us to do a portfolio X-ray for you, free of charge. We will itemize our findings in writing and provide:

  1. An overview of the facts, concerns, and planning objectives.
  2. A fee analysis.
  3. Your risk tolerance analysis (best/worst-case scenarios).
  4. Income-generating possibilities/opportunities.
  5. The potential success rate of not running out of money.
  6. Other valuable information you can use to make proactive decisions regarding your retirement portfolio.

Simply call 904-232-8760 or complete the form to request your complimentary portfolio X-ray.

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IN THE NEWS: Jacksonville’s Retirement Coach, Adam Wolf, is interviewed by First Coast News about sweeping layoffs at Jacksonville-based CSX (March, 2017)

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