Adam Wolf, CPA, CFP®

Adam Wolf, CPA, CFP®

President, CFP

Adam Wolf is the president of Wolf Retirement Navigation, LLC and has more than 20 years of experience in the personal financial services industry. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting from Virginia Tech and is a licensed insurance agent in Florida and many other states.

Adam has been a Certified Public Accountant since 2002, and he earned his Certified Financial Planning™ certification in 2005, a designation held by a select number of advisors in the financial industry who uphold the board’s uncompromising set of standards. He is knowledgeable and current in the areas of financial planning, taxes, annuities, life insurance, and investments and genuinely understands how these products deliver solutions for clients to reach their financial goals, especially in the years leading up to and through retirement. Adam also works closely with other professionals, including CPAs and estate attorneys, to give his clients every possible chance to succeed when building individualized and comprehensive written retirement plans.

“My primary goal is to help my clients prepare for, transition to, and enjoy retirement. We pride ourselves on listening to and understanding our clients and assisting them in meeting their financial goals.”


Adam began his career learning the tax compliance and financial planning business through his work in both large and small CPA firms. He then worked with a large Registered Investment Advisory firm for five years, managing clients’ investment portfolios and providing personal financial and tax planning advice. Adam is also experienced in annuity and life insurance strategy, design, sales, and implementation, having worked for a retirement strategies company in Northeast Florida. In addition, Adam served as the director of an affiliate tax firm and provided tax compliance and planning services to his clients.

Adam routinely appears on television as “Jacksonville’s Retirement Coach” on River City Live and First Coast Living. He has written several articles, has been published in numerous newspapers, is a RetireMentor for the Wall Street Journal’s, and has been quoted elsewhere in the Wall Street Journal. Through several local radio shows, Adam shares his breadth of knowledge and helps viewers gain valuable insight into their retirement years.

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