Talitha Mitchner

Talitha Mitchner

Director of Operations and Tax Manager

Prior to joining the team on a full-time basis, Talitha partnered with Wolf Retirement Navigation, working in the tax department. She has 12+ years of experience and knowledge in the areas of accounting, taxation, consulting, and management.

Talitha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Management. She volunteers with the United Way RealSense Prosperity Campaign, providing tax preparation and money coach financial education and workshops. Talitha views her participation with the campaign as a very rewarding opportunity to strengthen financial stability for the most vulnerable families in Duval and the surrounding counties.

If you currently have a portfolio manager or advisor, do you know the amount, percentage-wise, of fees you are being charged? If not, please allow us to do a portfolio X-ray for you, free of charge. We will itemize our findings in writing and provide:

  1. An overview of the facts, concerns, and planning objectives.
  2. A fee analysis.
  3. Your risk tolerance analysis (best/worst-case scenarios).
  4. Income-generating possibilities/opportunities.
  5. The potential success rate of outliving your money.
  6. Other valuable information you can use to make proactive decisions regarding your retirement portfolio.

Simply call 904-232-8760 or complete the form below to request your complimentary portfolio X-ray.