Robin Klob

Robin Klob

Marketing and Events Coordinator, Notary Public

Since 1997, Robin has been engaged in many facets of customer service and marketing. In 2014, she brought her enthusiasm for her career to Wolf Retirement Navigation. Robin’s experience includes working closely with clients through weekly emails, monthly newsletters, in-office visits, and phone calls, organizing educational workshops and company events, developing relationships with media outlets, and maintaining the company’s image through marketing materials. Her extensive background includes finance, beauty and wellness, and health care.

Robin is thankful that she has had the opportunity to work in such diverse industries — with a variety of professionals — to build upon her talents and skills in marketing and client relations. In addition, she has served on the board for a local nonprofit, PB-n-J, and has also served as committee chair for Canine Companions for Independence. Robin is passionate about building a better community through her volunteer work, and she enjoys staying active in her son’s school and extra-curricular activities.

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