Andrea Challenger

Andrea Challenger

Director of First Impressions

Andrea’s career choices have always centered around helping others. Prior to joining the Wolf Retirement Navigation team in 2017, she lent her natural gift of customer service to the health care industry as a medical assistant and surgical coordinator. Andrea’s nurturing qualities make her a great fit for the Wolf Retirement Navigation company model.

In 2013, Andrea moved from New Jersey to Jacksonville, looking for new opportunities and adventures. She spends her free time playing with her adorable Yorkie, Sebastian, and playful rescue cat, Blue. Andrea’s passions extend to healthy cooking and sharing her recipes with the team members. Like any Florida transplant, she escapes to Disney World any chance she gets and is thrilled to call Florida “home.”

If you currently have a portfolio manager or advisor, do you know the amount, percentage-wise, of fees you are being charged? If not, please allow us to do a portfolio X-ray for you, free of charge. We will itemize our findings in writing and provide:

  1. An overview of the facts, concerns, and planning objectives.
  2. A fee analysis.
  3. Your risk tolerance analysis (best/worst-case scenarios).
  4. Income-generating possibilities/opportunities.
  5. The potential success rate of outliving your money.
  6. Other valuable information you can use to make proactive decisions regarding your retirement portfolio.

Simply call 904-232-8760 or complete the form below to request your complimentary portfolio X-ray.